Our company.


We stand out from our competitors for the care we dedicate to our clients, proposing

only products which have been studied, designed, created and tested according

to their requirements, delivering tailor-made components which give complete satisfaction,

supported by a tracing system for products and processes, which has carried certification

CSQ ISO 9001 since 1993. Our constant attention to the innovation and optimisation

of production cycles makes us flexible and able to work both on a large and small scale,

with different levels of complexity while remaining ever competitive.


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The first step in supplying products and services of excellence

is to listen: only with a careful analysis of every single request can we

offer the best solution that combines competences, technology

and performance. Thanks to the 3D-design and development of casting

machines and moulds, studying the best mix of resin, can we guarantee

results which satisfy even the most complex of requirements.


The leading manufacturers of energy distribution and transmission systems in MV HV EHV are our esteemed clients.
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